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Rubber O Ring for Pump

Jun 01, 2020

Common material performance introduction:

Fluorine rubber O-ring: high temperature resistance, wear resistance, chemical resistance, ozone resistance, low permeability, low compression deformation, but not resistant to steam, the use temperature is -20 degrees to 240 degrees.

Nitrile rubber O-ring: oil resistance, waterproof, wear resistance, temperature -40 degrees to 120 degrees, not suitable for direct sunlight

Silicone O-ring: It can meet the FDA food grade, ozone resistance, direct sunlight, dynamic sealing is not recommended, not oil resistant, not suitable for water vapor, the use temperature is -68 degrees to 200 degrees. The color can be customized according to the color card number.

EPDM O-ring: steam resistance, ozone resistance, weather resistance, not resistant to certain oils, please consult us in detail. Use temperature -50 degrees to 180 degrees.