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Rubber material for shock absorption and its application

May 11, 2018

With the rapid development of modern industry, vibration and noise have become serious problems in various fields: it will reduce the operation accuracy and affect the product quality; shorten the product life, make the high-precision instrument cannot work properly; endanger the safety, make equipment or constructs Early destruction; polluting the environment and affecting people's health, such as earthquakes, vibrations and even cause great damage to human life and property. Therefore, researching and mastering vibration control and noise control technology is a major issue facing the industrial development of various countries.

     The most fundamental and best way to eliminate vibration and noise is to reduce or eliminate the vibration of the vibration source. However, it is impossible to completely eliminate the vibration of the vibration source. Therefore, other methods of controlling vibration must be adopted. The most extensive and effective method in practical use is the use of various shock-absorbing products, especially rubber shock-absorbing products. It can effectively isolate the vibration and excitation source, and can also mitigate the vibration of the vibration body. Therefore, it is widely used in the vibration isolation of power machinery, wind turbines, water pumps and other auxiliary equipment and instruments of various motor vehicles, aircraft, and ships. In recent years, some large buildings, bridges, etc. have also used seismic laminated rubber pads to support buildings. For the damping treatment of structural vibration and structural noise, special rubber materials are also widely used, which are called viscoelastic and high damping materials.