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Rubber gasket

Mar 20, 2019

Rubber gasket 

A rubber sheet gasket that acts as a seal between a metal flange or two stationary surfaces of other joints. It can be made by molding or by vulcanized film. Can be widely used in a variety of mechanical equipment, from the role of gasketing, sealing, buffering. 

Formally speaking, commonly used rubber gaskets include: rubber flat washers, rubber O-rings, plastic flat washers, Teflon gaskets, asbestos rubber washers, metal flat washers, metal profile washers, metal sheath washers, wave washers, Winding washers, etc.

(1) Rubber flat washer: easy to deform, no effort when pressing, but poor pressure and temperature resistance, only used in places with low pressure and low temperature. Natural rubber has certain acid and alkali resistance, the use temperature should not exceed 60 °C; neoprene can also resist certain acids and alkalis, use temperature 80 ° C; nitrile rubber oil resistant, can be used up to 80 ° C; fluorine rubber corrosion resistance is very good, resistant The temperature performance is also stronger than normal rubber and can be used in 150 ° C medium.

(2) Rubber sealing washer: the cross-sectional shape is a perfect circle, which has a certain self-tightening effect, and the sealing effect is better than that of the flat washer, and the pressing force is smaller.

In terms of materials, the main products of rubber mats are: silicone mat, nitrile rubber mat, fluoro rubber mat, and other rubber mats. Rubber gaskets are resistant to oil, acid and alkali, cold and heat, and aging. They can be directly cut into gaskets of various shapes and are widely used in medicine, electronics, chemical, antistatic, flame retardant, food and other industries.

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