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PU O Ring

Apr 25, 2018

Product Description

Product Description
Cast polyurethanes are a diverse and versatile group of materials that are known for abrasion resistance, chemical resistivity, stability in water, ease of processing and relatively low cost. Cast polyurethanes are found in almost every industry. Molds for cast urethanes are relatively inexpensive and can be made from a variety of materials.
Cast polyurethanes are a good substitute for a number of materials where improved performance is required. Urethanes can be made as soft as gum rubber or as hard as a golf ball. In fact, most golf balls are polyurethane!
Cast polyurethanes are elastomers and are created by the reaction of a prepolymer which contains reactive isocyanate groups and a curative which contains hydroxyl or amine groups. In their simplest form, these two components, the prepolymer and curative are the only chemicals in the mix. The mixture is then poured into a heated mold where the components react to form a solid elastomeric piece.

In general, designing for casting polyurethane is identical to designing for any plastic, molded or injection molded. Our person company could produce any parts basing on clients requirements like drawings or samples etc.

It is the most versatile, toughest, abrasion resistance elastomer available. It is as soft as Shore A durometer 10 and hard as Shore D scale durometer 85.
2It could be cast into practically any shape, size or complex geometry desired wheels,
gears, O rings, gaskets, tires, roller blades, skateboards etc.
3It can be formulated with high resistance to stresses and it tends to maintain shape and mechanical properties aster fatigue stressing.
4Casting Polyurethane may be pigmented to resist degradation by elevated atmospheric oxygen and ozone atmospheric concentrations.
5Many cast polyurethane elastomers compounds remain flexible at extremely low temperatures and possess outstanding resistance to thermal shock.  A low-temperature resistance of polyurethanes makes cast parts very practical in extreme arctic conditions.
6Casting polyurethane parts can be made flame resistance by incorporating flame retardants into their formulas.
7Polyurethane can be cast with coefficients of friction varying from very low, for items like bushings, bearings or wear strips, or very high, for items like tries or rollers.

PU Parts
We can manufacture polyurethane parts
according to customers' special
PU Parts, Polyurethane parts, Urethane Part

PU Parts have the advantages of:

Strong bonding polyurethane rubber
The large scale of cast polyurethane elastomer hardness option;
Many complex polyurethane rubber parts  can be molded;
High-performance cast polyurethane elastomer can be selected;
Special formulation to fit customers special requirements