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Storage of seals

Apr 21, 2018

(1) Control of storage period

Rubber seals are prone to natural aging. Therefore, due to the difference in the use conditions or storage conditions of the same seal, the natural aging period (storage period) and the working period (wear period) may vary, but the actual use period is the accumulation of both periods. Therefore, it is necessary to shorten the shelf life of products from pressing to use.

(2) Storage requirements

1) Avoid storing in places with high room temperature, direct sunlight, dampness and air convection.

2) Seals must not be stacked or suspended to prevent permanent deformation.

3) Record the date of manufacture on the packaging bag and issue and use it within the storage period.

4) Pack the seal in a polyethylene bag and seal it in a dark, cool place.

5) The general storage period is one year. If the storage period exceeds the storage period, inspection and handling shall be carried out. Those that do not meet the quality requirements shall be scrapped.