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Piston Cup seals

Jul 09, 2020

Piston Cups are designed for use on piston heads, plungers or rams in hydraulic or pneumatic service, providing mechanical sealing surface on the edge. The picture shows a hole in the center. Many piston cups come with no center hole. The hole size may vary with each application, so the customer can drill the appropriate size hole, rather than try to make a wrong size hole work on their application.

We can supply custom molded designs for any hydraulic seals in any material and in virtually any shape and size. Send your drawings for quote or call to discuss product or material design perimeters with our engineering department.

Material: Cotton Fabric & Rubber Piston Cups. Cotton Fabric& Rubber Piston Cups
Pressure range: 0-3000 PSI

Piston Cups are primarily used on piston heads, plungers or rams in hydraulic or pneumatic service. Its mechanical sealing surface is at its periphery. Piston Cups are commonly used because of economical cost, excellent service life, efficient assemble, universal acceptance, and simple accessories.

Fabric reinforced Piston Cups prevent extrusion in medium pressure installations (up to 1000 psi) or where diametrical clearances are greater.

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