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Oil Seal Using Precautions

Jun 06, 2018

Oil Seal Using Precautions

1, pre-start preparations and precautions

a, a comprehensive inspection of the mechanical seal and the installation of ancillary devices and pipelines are complete, whether it meets the technical requirements.

b. Before the start of the mechanical seal, conduct a static pressure test to check whether the mechanical seal leaks. If there are more leaks, you should find out the reasons and try to eliminate them. If it is still invalid, it should be dismantled and reinstalled. General static pressure test pressure with 2 ~ 3 kg / square centimeter.

c. Press the pump to rotate the disc and check if it is light and even. If the bicycle is difficult or not moving, you should check whether the assembly size is wrong and whether the installation is reasonable.

2, installation and outage

a. Keep the sealed chamber full of liquid before starting. For conveying a solidified medium, steam is applied to heat the sealed chamber to melt the medium. Before start-up, it is necessary to start the car to prevent the soft ring from cracking due to sudden start-up.

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