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Oil Seal Performace

Jun 05, 2020

1. Performance and use

The split oil seal does not need to disassemble the equipment, and the installation is convenient and fast. Special synthetic rubber is used as the elastic body, with low friction coefficient and long service life. The skeleton adopts polymer composite elastic material to ensure resilience and rigidity after splitting. The imported Z-shaped spring improves the lip's followability to the shaft and enhances the sealing effect.


Second, the material

Nitrile rubber (NBR) + V spring

Fluoroelastomer (FKM) + V-shaped spring


3. Application

Reducers, blowers, cranes, heating furnace blowers, sintering plant crushers and other equipment that are not easy to disassemble and maintain.


Feature description


1. Widely used in various fields of general industry


2. The outer edge of the oil seal is reliable. Even if the roughness of the inner surface of the seat hole is large or has thermal expansion and the open cavity is used, it can also seal low-viscosity media and gases.


3. Attached with dustproof lip to prevent general and moderate dust pollution and intrusion of dirt and outside.

Crankshaft Oil Seal TC Type (1)

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