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OEM Vibration isolation advantage

Jun 21, 2018

OEM Vibration isolation advantageļ¼š

(1) The shape can be freely determined, and the hardness can be controlled by adjusting the components of the rubber formulation, which can meet the requirements for stiffness and strength in all directions;

(2) The internal friction is large and the shock absorption effect is good, which is favorable for crossing the resonance area and attenuating the high frequency vibration and noise;

(3) The modulus of elasticity is much smaller than that of metal, which can produce greater elastic deformation;

(4) No sliding part, easy to maintain;

(5) Small in quality, easy to install and disassemble.

(6) Impact stiffness is higher than static stiffness and dynamic stiffness, which is beneficial to impact deformation.

oem Vibration Isolator  (6).jpg