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o ring's characteristic

Dec 17, 2019

Compared with other types of O-rings, O-rings have the following advantages:

     --Suitable for multiple sealing forms: static sealing, dynamic sealing

     Suitable for various applications. The dimensions and grooves are standardized and highly interchangeable.

     --Suitable for a variety of motion modes: rotary motion, axial reciprocating motion or combined motion (such as rotary reciprocating combined motion)

     -Suitable for many different sealing media: oil, water, gas, chemical media or other mixed media

     Through the selection of appropriate rubber materials and appropriate formula design, it can achieve effective sealing effect on oil, water, air, ** and various chemical media. Wide temperature range (-60 ℃ ~ + 220 ℃), the pressure can reach 1500Kg / cm2 in fixed use (combined with the reinforcement ring).

     --Simple design, compact structure, easy assembly and disassembly

     The O-ring cross-section structure is extremely simple, and it has a self-sealing effect, and the sealing performance is reliable.

     Because the O-ring itself and the structure of the installation site are extremely simple and standardized, installation and replacement are easy.

     -Many types of materials

     Can be selected according to different fluids: ** rubber (NBR), fluorine rubber (FKM), silicone rubber (VMQ), ethylene propylene rubber (EPDM), neoprene (CR), ** rubber (BU), polymer Four *** (PTFE), natural rubber (NR), etc.

     --low cost 

     -The dynamic friction resistance is relatively small