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NBR70 NBR90 Shore A O Ring Black

Jul 28, 2020

JIS B 2401 G150~G500 Series NBR 70/90 Shore A O-ring Black

1.The O-ring is an annular seal having an O-shaped cross section, the size of which is determined by the inner diameter ID and the wire diameter CS. 

2.O-ring size calculation: outer diameter = inner diameter + 2 x wire diameter (OD = ID + 2x CS). 

3.The purpose of using O-ring seals is to prevent leakage and loss of liquids or gases. 

4.O-rings are the most commonly used type of seal because of their simplicity, convenience, and small installation space. As long as the groove design and material selection are correct, and the operating conditions are within the temperature range of the rubber material, the seal can have a long-term sealing effect in the static or dynamic seal.


AS 568, BS 4518, GB/T 3452.1, JIS B2401 P/G/S/V, SMS 1586, METRIC and JASO F404 standard sizes and various non-standard sizes.
Minimum production size 0.5mm (inside diameter) × 0.5mm (wire diameter)
Maximum production size 1400mm (inside diameter) × 50mm (wire diameter)

Sealing force changes with system pressure