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Mount Selection Guide

Dec 18, 2018

Mount Selection Guide

Marine engine mounts are anti vibration mounts with fail-safe protection that are used in both mobile and stationary applications from diesel generators to industrial engines. 

Cylindrical mounts also called bobbin mounts are used in lightweight applications for shock and vibration reduction. 

Stationary machine mounts including: sandwich bar mounts, rubber bumper mounts and low frequency ring mounts provide shock absorption and isolate low frequency vibrations in all planes. Cone and shear mounts including: flex bolt sandwich mounts, interleaf mounts, v shaped generator mounts and motor mounts isolate vibrations in many different applications. 

Center bonded mounts including one piece, two piece and three piece mounts are used as rubber vibration isolators and can provide flexible suspension systems for equipment. Electrical panel mounts which have built in fail safe protection are used in applications such as electrical cabinets and enclosures.

nonstandard rubber shock absorber