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kinds of rubber isolation damper mounts

May 25, 2018

kinds of rubber isolation damper mounts

Here are some drawing pictures for rubber isolation dampers 

Material: rubber and steel

Threaded: M5/M6/M8 (3 kinds)

M8 Size: approx. 25X20mm

M6 Size: approx. 20X20mm

M5 Size: approx. 15X15mm

Color: as pictures shows

Quantity: 4pcs per set

Mainly used for air compressors, diesel engines, gasoline engines, water pumps.

As a damping element for welding machine and other equipment.

Protect the body's normal work and get good surroundings, damping noise reduction and the effect is obvious.

In the radio equipment, instruments, instrument, protect machine vibration interference, have a good buffer.

Package included:

4 x rubber mounts

kinds of rubber isolations.jpg