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​Installation method of coated O-ring

Jun 09, 2020

Installation method of coated O-ring:

1. The part where the seal ring is installed or passed should be smooth, free of burrs, grooves and sharp corners. The profile of the inner hole should reach 20 millimeters, and the profile of the shaft should reach 10 millimeters;

2. Use clean light oil or grease to lubricate the surface of the seal ring and the relevant parts of its contact;

3. If the sealing ring is difficult to install on the shaft, it can be immersed in hot water for a few minutes to expand it. This softened and expanded O-ring is easier to install. Install this O-ring when it is hot and wait for its size to return to its original size after cooling down;

 4. Do not bend the O-ring too violently, otherwise it will cause wrinkles and affect the use.

FEP o ring (18)

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