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What precautions should be taken when installing a rubber shock absorber?

Jun 05, 2018

What precautions should be taken when installing a rubber shock absorber?

1. The vibration-damping elements should be symmetrically arranged along the central axis of the pump unit. The rubber damper can be arranged in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction.

2. When the unit vibration-reducing element adopts six supporting points, four of them are arranged on the corners of the inert block or steel frame, and the other two should be set on the long side line, and adjust the position so as to make the compression deformation of the vibration-reducing element. Keep as much as possible.

3. When the horizontal-type water pump unit is installed with vibration damping or damping of rubber dampers, under normal circumstances, the rubber shock absorber and damping need not be bonded or fixed with the ground or with an inert block or section steel frame.

4. When the vibration absorber of the vertical pump unit is installed with rubber shock absorbers, under the base of the pump unit, the steel frame should be installed and anchored; the bolts between the steel frame and the rubber damper should be installed (with spring washers added) )fixed. Install anchor bolts on the floor or floor. Rubber shock absorbers are fixed to the floor or floor through the anchor bolts.

5. The edge of the rubber shock absorber shall not exceed the edge of the inert block; the bearing area of the steel frame shall not be less than the bearing area at the top of the damping element.

6, rubber shock absorber single-layer layout, the frequency ratio can not meet the requirements, can take a series of multi-layer arrangement, but the number of shock absorber layer should not be more than five. Each rubber vibration isolator provided in series shall have the same model, number of blocks, area, and rubber hardness.

7, pad and steel application of adhesive bonding. The plane size of the galvanized steel plate should be 10mm larger than each end of the rubber shock absorber. The rubber dampers bonded on the upper and lower layers of the galvanized steel sheet should be staggered.

8. Before construction and installation, it shall be checked in a timely manner. During installation, the static compression deformation of the vibration-damping element shall not exceed the maximum allowable value.

9. When the water pump unit is installed, the supporting surface of the water pump unit is required to be flat and has sufficient bearing capacity.

10. The unit damping element should avoid contact with acids, alkalis and organic solvents.

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