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How to use and save rubber seals?

May 07, 2020

How to use and save rubber seals?

First, we should know that o-rings are generally not reusable.Second, when the o-ring is installed in the groove, care should be taken not to distort the o-ring, and the sealing medium should be coated on the groove and o-ring.

Another point is that when rubber o-rings are not used, we should try not to open the original packaging of o-rings, lest dust or foreign matter damage the o-rings.

If the o-ring is to be preserved, it should be kept out of direct sunlight or placed near a hot heat source (such as a boiler) to avoid premature ageing of the o-ring.

Special attention should be paid to the occasional discoloration of the o-ring during storage, i.e. the white powder produced on the o-ring surface.However, don't worry, this won't adversely affect the function of the o-ring.

Preservation conditions for rubber o-rings

The o-ring is affected by various external environmental factors, such as deformation, oxygen, ozone, light, heat source, humidity, oil or chemical solvent.O-rings may fail due to changes in their physical and chemical properties.The basic provisions of the rubber seal storage, cleaning and maintenance.

1. Temperature :5-25℃ is the ideal storage temperature.Avoid contact with heat and sunlight.

Humidity 2: the relative humidity of the warehouse should be less than 70% to avoid too wet or too dry and condensation.

3: illumination: avoid sunlight and contain the strong artificial light source of ultraviolet ray.Uv-proof packaging provides the best protection.It is recommended that the Windows of the warehouse be painted with red or orange paint or film.

Radiation: avoid ionizing radiation to seal damage.

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