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What is oil seal

Apr 24, 2018

What is the oil seal?

The oil seal is a seal member for sealing the rotary shaft in a mechanical device, and the cavity is substantially stationary, so the oil seal is also called a rotary shaft lip seal ring.

The frictional part of the machine uses oil to enter during the operation of the machine. In order to prevent the oil from leaking from the gap of the machine, an oil seal is used. In addition to the oil, it is also necessary to prevent the leakage of water and chemical liquids and invasion of dust and sand from the outside. Also, use oil seals

The sealed state of the oil seal is a static seal between the outer edge of the oil seal and the cavity, and at the same time, the reliable positioning of the outer edge of the oil seal between the cavities is ensured. The second is the seal between the seal lip and the shaft, which is a dynamic seal when the shaft is rotating and a static seal when the shaft is stationary. The combined effects of various influencing factors and their interactions have a great influence on the sealing performance and service life of the oil seal.