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​Glyd Ring/Step Seal

Jun 28, 2020

Glyd Ring/Step Seal
Gree Circle and Sterling Seals have been used in the hydraulic industry for many years. They are mainly used in the sealing system of hydraulic cylinders. Whether they are used in pistons or piston rods, they have been well evaluated. This type of sealing ring is mainly composed of two components. Gree ring is a double-acting seal, and Stereo seal is a single-acting seal.
●Low friction resistance, no crawling phenomenon;
●The dynamic and static sealing effects are quite good;
● No stickiness;
●Good performance with and without lubrication;
●The groove structure is simple;
●High pressure resistance, strong adaptability to working conditions;
●Various specifications are available. The grid ring can be applied to the hydraulic cylinder with a maximum diameter of 2500mm, while the Sterling seal is applicable to any piston and piston rod within a maximum diameter of 1330mm.
Suitable for petroleum-based hydraulic oil, environmental protection and safety hydraulic oil, etc. (depending on O-ring material)
Application range:
It can be used for reciprocating plunger and piston rod, such as presses, excavators, metallurgical machinery, loaders, chemical machinery and other occasions.
Technical data:
Working pressure: up to 70Mpa
Working power speed: maximum 15m/s
Working temperature: -30℃ to 120℃ (Nitrile rubber O-ring)
         -30℃ to 200℃ (fluoroelastomer O-ring)

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