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FEP PTFE Encapsulated O-Rings

May 17, 2018

FEP PTFE Encapsulated O-Rings

FEP encapsulated o ring.jpg

FEP PTFE Encapsulated O-Rings combine ultimate chemical resistance of FEP PTFE with the compressibility of rubber or steel spring core.

FEP type PTFE Fluoropolymers (performance plastics) offer excellent chemical and temperature resistance but lack the resiliency of elastomers (rubber) required to maintain a quality seal.  Encapsulated and spring energized seals combine the best sealing features of plastics, elastomers and steel springs to increase chemical and temperature performance compared to most solid elastomers.  The main offsetting limitation is PTFE's stiffness that can require custom gland design to maximize sealing by using the right amount of compression force to maintain a seal without over compressing which can shorten seal life.