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FEP encapsulated FKM VITON o-rings

May 09, 2020

O-Ring with a FEP or PFA (PTFE) outer layer encapsulating a silicone or FKM o ring core. The PTFE shell offers excellent chemical and temperature resistance while the FKM core provides the resiliency needed to provide effective sealing. Readily available in common USA and metric cross-sections and nearly unlimited diameters. FEP encapsulated Solid Silicone with improved chemical resistance up to 205℃. PFA encapsulated Solid viotn/silicone up to 260℃.


FEP Encapsulated O-rings: -60℃ to 205℃ (260℃ short term)

PFA Encapsulated O-rings: -60℃ to 260℃ (300℃ short term)


Benefits of Encapsulated 'O'-Rings and Seals

· Exceptional resistance to aggressive chemicals and gas permeability

· Cost efficient alternative to Kalrez and similar perfluoroelastomer 'O'-Rings

· Low coefficient of friction allowing reduced wear of equipment

· Adaptive sealing force of an elastomeric 'O'-Ring

· Resistant to compression set/cold flow issues of solid 'O'-Rings

Encapsulation Options 

· FEP Encapsulation
Standard material for all applications up to 205°C, resistant to virtually all chemicals and joined by an advanced heat moulding process to give a seamless encapsulation.

· PFA Encapsulation
Same properties as FEP encapsulation but with greater heat resistance for applications above 205°C. Also resistant to virtually all chemicals and joined seamlessly via advanced heat moulding process.

FKM Inner Core Encapsulated o ring
Greater chemical resistance than Silicone. If encapsulation is damaged, FKM provides greater resilience to chemical attack.


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