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Factors affecting the performance of O-ring

Jun 01, 2020

Factors affecting the performance of O-ring:

1. Compression permanent deformation

Another index for evaluating the sealing performance of O-rings is the compression set of the selected material. Under the action of pressure, the O-ring as an elastic element produces elastic deformation, and as the pressure increases, permanent plastic deformation will also occur.

2. Hardness of O-ring

O-ring material hardness is the most important index to evaluate the sealing performance. The hardness of the O-ring determines the compression amount of the O-ring and the maximum allowable extrusion gap of the groove.

3. Pre-compression

O-ring is installed in the groove, in order to ensure its sealing performance, an initial compression should be reserved. For different applications, the amount of pre-compression relative to the cross-sectional diameter W is also different.

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