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Fabric Rubber V Packing

Jul 16, 2020

Product Information

1.Apply to one-piece piston.
2.Good sealing effect in Dynamic and static sealing. 
3. Minimal start-up and movement friction, smooth movement even at low speeds, no creeping phenomenon. 
4. Good abrasion, high pressure resistant, good high temperature resistant, good adaptation in different working conditions. 
5. With good chemical corrosion resistance, also can choose different material o-rings, GTP almost can work in all medium. 
6. Simple groove structure and easy installation. 
7.The maximum diameter of product can reach 2000mm. 
Technical parameters
Working pressure≤40Mpa
Working temperature-30°~+110℃
(Depend on material of O-ring)
Working speed≤4m/s
Working mediumHydraulic oil, gas, water, etc
MaterialO-ring NBR, A70±5
FKM, A75±5
Slip ring PTFE