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Fabric Reinforced

May 21, 2018

Rubber possesses incredible strength and elasticity—but sometimes even the most robust rubber parts aren’t durable enough to endure the harsh operating conditions within heavy-duty industries. When rubber alone can’t meet an application’s demands, fabric reinforcement can mean the difference between performance and failure.

Fabric reinforced rubber offers a level of longevity and durability that homogeneous construction simply can’t match. Whether the fabric coating covers the complete body of the part or merely a corner, fabric reinforced products boast an extended operating life without the astronomical costs associated with high-performance materials. Features of fabric reinforced rubber include:

Anti-extrusion. The anti-extrusion provided by fabric can complement or even take the place of secondary rings in sealing applications, enhancing the rubber’s ability to conform to geometries while enduring tough environments.

High tensile strength. Increased tensile strength, combined with reduced abrasion resistance, allow fabric reinforced products to withstand punishing operating conditions, from the direct flame to extended UV exposure.

Enhanced abrasion resistance. Fabric reinforced materials see less tearing, nibbling, and wear than similar homogenous products. 

SVKS engineers have perfected the art of creating fabric reinforced products with a complex and proprietary process unrivaled by any competitors. Using fabrics as elastic as polyester or as resilient as aramid, SVKS can wrap parts axially, helically and radially. Our fabric reinforced material serves some of the most demanding industries, including:


Elastomers used in the aerospace industry are subjected to direct flame, incredibly high temperatures, and relentless abrasion. Our fabric reinforced rubber is designed to withstand direct flame at 2000°F for up to 15 minutes.

Oil & Gas

Homogeneous rubber parts inside oil and gas equipment often break down under the HPHT environments.  Fabric reinforced parts offer unparalleled impact resistance along surfaces that experience harsh applications.

Heavy-duty & Industrial

Friction, abrasion and other severe conditions are common in heavy-duty industrial markets. With fabric reinforcement, our rubber parts are able to resist the excessive wear and tear that shortens the operating life of homogeneous products.