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Description of natural rubber

Oct 28, 2020

Description of natural rubber

Natural rubber has the above-mentioned series of physical and chemical properties, especially its excellent resilience, insulation, water resistance and plasticity. After proper treatment, it also has oil resistance, acid resistance, alkali resistance, heat resistance, cold resistance, and pressure resistance. Valuable properties such as, wear resistance, etc., so it has a wide range of uses. 

For example, rain boots, warm water bags, elastic bands used in daily life; surgeon gloves, blood transfusion tubes, and condoms used in the medical and health industry; various tires used in transportation; conveyor belts, transportation belts, acid and resistant Alkaline gloves; irrigation hoses and ammonia bags used in agriculture; air sounding balloons used in meteorological measurement; sealing and anti-vibration equipment used in scientific experiments; aircraft, tanks, artillery, gas masks used in national defense; even rockets and artificial earth satellites Natural rubber is inseparable from high-tech products such as spacecraft.

Here is made of NR material rubber products as follows: