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DD Rubber Shock Absorber

Oct 12, 2020


Product Name
Rubber shock absorber
Material Science
Rubber and Steel
Effectively reduce the vibration woes of flight control, make flight more stable and carefree, and hold more closely.
Applicable to
Centrifuges, fans, pumps, electric motors, frequency converters, compressors, etc.

Advantages of our rubber mounts

Excellent shock absorption

Good natural rubber, high elasticity, high strength, excellent shock absorption and excellent protection for machinery.

Strong adhesion of metal and rubber

Special technology to make rubber and metal parts together, it’s not easy to break away, enhance service life and improve work


Threads are more convenient

All specifications are equipped with external thread or internal thread for easy installation and removal.

A variety of specifications available

A variety of specifications are optional, as much as possible to meet the installation requirements of different equipment.