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The service life of rubber seals part 2

Apr 21, 2018

(2) Seal life The main cause of seal life is oil quality and operating temperature.

Seals made of polyurethane rubber, for example, are afraid of containing moisture in the oil, and they will degenerate in the presence of water and have no elasticity. Another example is nitrile rubber seals made of oil, when the working oil temperature exceeds the allowable range, the oil temperature rises by 15°C. Its life expectancy is reduced by 50%. In general, seal life can be expressed in three ways:

1) Seals used in short-stroke mechanisms or hydraulic components can be calculated according to the number of movements, which is generally 15 to 250,000 times.

2) Seals used in long-stroke hydraulic cylinders can be calculated based on the mileage of the trip, typically 1000 to 1500 km.

3) The seals used for the fixed parts can be calculated according to the actual use time. The factory is generally 1.5 to 20,000 hours or a year and a half to two years.