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Classification of rubber shock absorbers

Jan 10, 2019

Classification of rubber shock absorbers

As an important type of damping component, rubber shock absorbers have been widely used in various types of machinery, automobiles, railway locomotives, waterborne vehicles, aircraft and other aircraft. It can be said that rubber shock absorbers are required in all centers where shock and vibration isolation are required.

To improve the service life of drill bits and other drills. It is understood that rubber shock absorbers are mainly used to absorb shock and vibration loads generated in drilling.

Rubber cushion for locomotives A category of rubber shock absorbers. It is used for rubber parts that reduce vibration, sound insulation and cushioning in various parts of the locomotive. These products are simple in structure, convenient in installation, safe and reliable. Including the central support rubber cone, axle box pull rod spring body, side bearing rubber pile, motor suspension rubber pad, elastic wheel, elastic gear, air spring, transmission bow rubber block and ball hinge, coupler rubber buffer block. It is usually made by molding.

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