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Causes of O-ring sealability decline

Nov 03, 2020

Causes of O-ring sealability decline

What is the problem of water leakage and oil leakage during the use of O-rings? Many people have doubts about this. There are both internal and external factors that cause the sealing performance of the seal. Let's analyze it in detail below. 

1. Movement speed When the movement speed is very low, it is necessary to consider whether the stability of the equipment is "crawling". When the movement speed is high, the oil film acting as the slide valve is easily damaged. O type The ring is not well lubricated, resulting in increased friction and decreased sealing performance.

 2. Hydraulic shock  Many situations will suffer from hydraulic shock. The high pressure generated at the moment of hydraulic shock will be many times larger than the working pressure of the system. Under high pressure, the oil seal is easily torn or a part of the oil seal is injected into the gap, resulting in O-rings. The service life is shortened.  

3, lateral load  Generally speaking, there is a support ring on the piston. The support ring can ensure that the cylinder bears a large load. The O-ring itself cannot play a load role. For hydraulic cylinders with lateral force, a support ring must be installed. The support ring can easily cause wear and leakage of the oil seal in an eccentric state.    

4, working medium  The working medium has a great influence on the use of the O-ring. If an unqualified working medium is used, it is easy to cause the sealing performance of the O-ring to deteriorate. In addition, in the long-term use process, if the working medium is not cleaned, then Dirt irritates the O-ring for a long time, causing its abrasion and aging to accelerate, and its sealing performance decreases.    

 In addition, the sealing performance of O-rings is also affected by factors such as air and temperature.    

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