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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Teflon ring

Sep 25, 2020

What advantages and disadvantages does teflon retainer ring have?

Ptfe retainer is a synthetic polymer material that USES fluorine to replace all hydrogen atoms in polyethylene.This material has the characteristics of acid resistance, alkali resistance, resistance to all kinds of organic solvents, almost insoluble in all solvents.At the same time, because of its high temperature resistance and extremely low friction coefficient, ptFE can be used for lubrication, and also become an ideal coating for the inner lining of non-sticky wok and water pipes.

The advantages and disadvantages of teflon retainer are as follows:

1. Crystalline material, low moisture absorption.

2. Poor mobility, easy decomposition, decomposition of corrosive gas.The molding temperature should be strictly controlled, the mold should be heated, the casting system should be small to the material flow resistance ptFE retainer ring.

3. Powdered resins are usually formed by powder metallurgy and sintered.Sintering temperature 360-375 degrees, not more than 410 degrees.If the product transparency and toughness are required, rapid cooling should be adopted.Also can take the extrusion molding, may extrude the pipe, the rod, the profile.

4. The melt viscosity of PTFE is very high, and the bulk viscosity decreases with the increase of shear stress, showing the characteristics of non-Newtonian fluid.

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