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Advantages and disadvantages of silicone O-rings

Jun 05, 2020

Silicone has good electrical insulation properties. The tensile strength is worse than ordinary rubber and does not have oil resistance. The temperature range of silicone rubber is -43~210℃. The most prominent advantage is that it has excellent high temperature resistance and antistatic properties. Moreover, it can be produced through a special formulation process. Food grade materials


   1. The tensile strength can reach 500PSI and the resistance can reach 88LBS.

   2. Good and with good compression deformation.

   3. Good resistance to neutral solvents.

   4. Excellent heat resistance.

   5. Excellent cold resistance.

   6. Excellent resistance to ozone and oxide erosion.


   1. It is not recommended to be used in most thick shrink solvents, oils, thick shrink acids and diluted sodium hydroxide.

   2. Seals or rubber parts in the electronics industry, such as mobile phone keys, shock-absorbing pads in DVDs, and seals in cable connections.

FDA 50 Durometer Food Grade Silicone O-Ring (15)

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