HBY HBTY Hydraulic Buffer Ring Excavator Teflon Rod Buffer Step Seal Ring

 SVKS Buffer Seal In heavy-duty applications, leak-free performance and good service life cannot be assured by a single sealing element; therefore, specially developed “system seals” are arranged in series, building a ”tandem configuration”. The single-acting Buffer Seal is designed as a...

Product Details

Hydraulic Buffer Ring Excavator Teflon Rod Buffer Step Seal Ring

Working temperature: -35 - + 80.

Working pressure: 1.6MPa.

Speed: 1.0 m / s

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Technical details 

Ø Range

Pressure Range

Temp Range


40 – 140 mm

40 MPa

-35 °C +110 °C

1 m/s

2 in – 8 in

5,800 psi

-30 °F +230 °F

3.2 ft/s


1. It is applied to hydraulic system from middle load to high load. 
2. Anti-extrusion characteristics are improved greatly. Long service life 
3.Good Shape stability, high wear resistance, good chemical stability 
4.Excellent sliding performance, no creeping phenomenon 

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